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Monday, May 7, 2018

Have you registered or created an account to Watch Movies or TV series for FREE

After primewire.ag , and other illegal pirated movie, and tv series streaming websites are down, many of us find it difficult to find an alternative website to fulfill your needs. One of the major issue we all have faced is, Fake websites like https://www.primewire.lifehttps://www.primewire.ac ..etc

They are created with the intention to mislead the regular users, and to collect their valuable information, and to make them feel failed.

If you browse any of such websites, you will end up seeing 'Free Account Required' banners on top of the video player. They are specially made to get details about the users. They won't allow you to watch any videos once you complete the registration. Mostly it is a trick used by movie makers to earn something from the users who encourage piracy, or who always watch their Movies or Tv series illegally without paying any amount to them. it is a kind of lost to them. That's why they ended up doing this kind of activities. First they take down the most known piracy content publishing websites. Then they start their own version of such websites with full of advertisements. We go to their website without knowing their intention. Finally they will have our private information, and also gain some small amount of money by using the website traffic with advertisements.

Only thing we can do until we find the correct website to watch our favorite Movies, and Tv series for Free, is to being aware of what we are browsing..
  • Never register to watch any content online for FREE
  • Create fake gmail account, and do such registration with that email account.
  • Always fill inaccurate details about you. Just mask Yourself. 
  • Report about Fake websites by posting a status on your social profiles
Following are some useful websites.
http://dwatchseries.to/ to watch tv series
https://two-movies.me/ to watch movies

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Extratorrents.ch is not the real Extratorrents.cc

ExtraTorrent.cc was once a biggest bittorrent system. it is no more. it is dead for sure. But if you search on google for ExtraTorrent you will get extratorrents.ch in its search result. You may feel ExtraTorrent is back online if you browse that website. Because its look and interface is very much similar to the original ExtraTorrent website. So, if you are a ExtraTorrent user, you may end up believing it, and started to use it.

if you click a torrent link, you will get a similar message on the screen.

ExtraTorrent website is offline - You need to download our client to access the files  After 10 years of hard work and a lot of fun Extratorrent is moving to another safer part of the internet. We have been forced to take the website down, but no need to worry! With our special client you are still able to access our files :) Alls you need to do is downloading our software. It is free, encrypted and anonym!  Some month ago Kickasstorrents has been shut down. Some smaller torrent tracker have been taken offline as well, for Example dtdigg.org. We now got some information that the FBI is working on a shutdown of Extratorrent as well. This is why we are now forced to move on. It was a hard decision, but we want the ET crew and its users to be safe. This is the only solution how we can keep ExtraTorrent online.  Follow us - Download our free client! Legends may sleep, but they never die!

it ask you to download its Safe Free client software to use or download and browse their bittorrent system. it is a tricky notice. one day you will click 'download' if you regularly visit that website. Instead of downloading their official client(if there) you will be redirected to a website which is similar to the following one.

if you press the download button. it won't download their so called free client to use their service under the desk. instead of that it will again redirect you to another downloading website. For an example - en.usenet.nl

can you guess now what is it? it is just a fake website which uses Extratorrents.cc name to get more traffic to their client website. Do you still want their FREE client? i bet, you don't

Extratorrents.ch is fake
Extratorrents.cc doesn't have any official client
Extratorrents.cc is dead