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Monday, January 18, 2016

How to take backup of your smartphones successfully?

Taking backup is necessary for all the smartphones. Because it is part of the smartphone's security settings/practices.It is very important to take backup before upgrading to the new version of your smartphone OS. for an example, if you are planning to upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 mobile then you should consider taking backup. Otherwise you may lose your valuable date when you are moving from one os to another os as upgrade. It is also useful for those who are using technical previews of Windows 10 mobile OS. It is not that simple, people say, if you ask windows lumia smartphone users or windows phone os running smartphone users.Is it same for other type of smartphone operating systems. yes it is. Why people are disapointed about taking backups of their phones? Because they didn't practice taking backups since they bought the smartphone. That is where the problem starts. Because they used to start taking backup after using the phone for few months or even years. But maximum they fails to take backup in cloud. Do you know why?

(This is a screenshot of one of the problem windows phone 8.1 users get while taking backups)
"There was problem backing up your settings, Try again later"

Because there are some apps which may make problems to the backup procedures or functions. We can't simply identify them. We can only identify them, if we used to take backup since we bought the smartphone. After installing a new app try to take backup. If it is successful you can relax, but if it is not, then you need to contact the app developers to correct it or until they fix that issue you have to remove that app from your smartphone to take backup.

Note: If you have installed Viber or Whatsapp on your windows smartphone. Uninstall them. After uninstalling them, Go and Click backup now. Sometime it works

You may find many solutions saying if you do this you will not find problem in taking backup. Such as change the lock screen to default one, uninstall this app, uninstall that app. Use wifi instead of 3G data..etc But they will not work for everyone because we all don't use same kind of apps as solutions to our need/problems. We use different apps. So it is very difficult. So the best way is to reset your smartphone to the stage when you bought the phone (option in Settings/About). Then start taking backup from zero. Which means if you add a new contact details, take backup. If you install a new app, take backup. if you update an old app, take backup. Like that make sure doing this regularly. After installing all the required apps you can schedule taking backup monthly or weekly or if it is required. Then you will not end up in a situation like today.

Are you afraid of loosing your data to solve this problem? Then uninstall all the installed games, non social media apps, apps which were not developed by microsoft(3rd Party apps). Now go and take the backup. if it is successful then your problem is solved. After that you have to install all the deleted apps and games one by one by taking backups at the same time.

What if it is not successful? Disable taking backups of Text messages, and then try. At the same time check whether your microsoft account and your phone is synced by pressing on your email address at emails & account in settings. Delete the previous backups by login to the onedrive in a computer or mobile browser. At the same time check for phone update. after than try again. If this isn't help. Comment here what you did or please go with "Reset" method.

If you find any working solutions please let us know. This is a tested, one of the working solution. It is not useful for everyone. But it will help you, if you are fed up finding a solution for this backup problem. For your information. You will lose all of you data. Make sure you take manual backup your important data before resetting your phone.

Transfer your photos, musics and videos to a PC or SD card.
Try to upload your contacts to another contacts backup taking app or take screen shots of contact details.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Why you should create blogs instead of choosing free web hosting?

Are you planning to start a website for your business? It is very important theseday. But how? Do you own a domain name? at least a free domain name? No. Do you have money to pay monthly for your domain name and webhosting? No. Would you like to choose free webhosting? get free sub domain? Yes. Please don't go for free webhosting websites (e.g:

Would you like to know why? It is very simple. They advertise in their website promoting the Free webhosting plan in a great way. It looks so useful and nice plan instead of choosing blog(wordpress/blogspot) to share your knowledge or information about anything. But what happens, once your website is started to receive more visitors from all over the world, they randomly shutdown your website and redirect to their official website saying your website is under maintenance. Sometime they will deactivate your website saying CPU limit reached for your website. But you will not know what is your CPU usage limit from their free hosting plan. We think that CPU limit is the key that they use to redirect our website's visitors to their website to earn new customers by covering the marketing face with a technology name. At the same time they will not allow you to delete the website/account. They say it is temporarily unavailable. It will become very hard to inform your customers that your website is now moved. Because they will use your website to redirect visitors to their website. It is from our own experience.

But if you check their free webhosting plan you will not see such limitation.
  • Why it's all free? How do you earn?
    We've been providing leading free cPanel hosting services with no ads since 2007. All this is made possible by our paid hosting services, including upgrades for those who need more room for growth, as well as donations from our community of users.
  • How long your hosting will be free?
    Forever! We are 4 years in paid hosting business and over a 2 years in free hosting business.
  • What are your guarantees?
    1. Our hosting will always be 100% free!
    2. We own all our own servers and locate them in high quality datacentres, so no one can shut down or reload any server with your data.
    3. We utilise dedicated connections to ensure we can provide enough bandwidth for all our users
    4. All data is backed up at least once every 7 days (just like paid hosting companies do!) and stored on an offsite server. You're also free to back your data up from cPanel whenever you wish.
[Above text, and pictures are copied from They are only used here for comparison purpose. It is just an example.]

So free webhosting is part of their premium plans' promotion. Free hostings will not last for ever. There are more limitation. Free hosting websites, and services can be used only for learning about webhosting. It is not a best place to start your website for your business. is just one example to learn not to depend on free webhosting for ever. 

But if you choose blogs(blogspot/wordpress), we can asure that it will last for long. There will be not much limitation. There will be no redirection. You will get more tools to design your blog. Very user friendly interface for website administrator. No need to worry about website protections. You can park your blog on your purchased domain name, and there are more benifits you will get from choosing blogs instead of free webhosting.

Free webhosting plans are worst.
CPU limit on Free hosting plan's Free hosting plan is not Free 100%
Please don't go for Free webhosting.
Learn about free webhosting
Pros and Cons about free webhosting.
why is not working?

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Latest Offer: Buy domain name for FREE

Now you can buy domain names for Free (2 Years). We provide .com,.biz,.net,.co domains for Free of charge. Seriously? are you going to buy a domain name for Free? Please think twice, because we have to pay for domain names yearly. They may give you the domain name for free for minimum 1 year of time. But At the end of the year they will ask you to pay more than usual for the next year to own the same domain name. If you fail to purchase the same domain name for second year, What will happen to your website? your domain name? everything will become waste.

It is very difficult to get a domain name as you wish. You have to think hard to select a domain name. Once you get it. You have to make sure you own that domain name forever. It is OK to buy a domain with some discounts or offers. Because buying the ownership of that domain name for the next year will not become expensive than normal(without any offers) domain name buyers' cost. You can manage it. But it is not the same story for the domain name buyers who bought domain name for Free of charge. Bettter buy the domain names for Free (if they offer) with a web hosting plan (Paid) from the same company, then you will not face the problem of unusual cost.

What if you have bought a domain name for Free?
immediately create a twitter account or Facebook page with that domain name. So that domain name become useless if the person who bought that domain name again, can't create a twitter account or facebook page with that domain name (as Username).

Just say you bought "" one year ago & created a twitter account with same domain name ( but you failed to buy the ownership of that domain name for the next year, so you lost that domain name. But you still have the twitter account with domain name as username. So you can move forward without any difficulties with a new domain name (if you want) or a free blog because of the power of social media. You can easily inform every one that your website is moved to a new domain name.

If anyone try to purchase your lost domain name, will end up with different username for their official twitter account. check made. when someone search about your lost domain name in google. They will get your twitter account,and link to the website in google search result. So, you will still get some free traffic because of your lost domain name.