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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Disable Adblock to open shortened URLs?

Is it necessary to disable your Adblocking browser plug in to open some links? Well not really. It is possible to unlock those "Disable Adblock" locked links by checking the URL on the address bar of your browser.

What checking that complex url?  yes but they are not complex URLs. you can easily identify the part which is required to open the link without disabling the adblocking plugin. You just need to copy that part of the link and browse it in another tab.

Anyway just try to install latest version of adblocking plugin to avoid new ways of problems.

How shortened URLs are misused

Basically they were invented to short the lengthy URLs to reduce the amount of character used in a short message. It is mainly used in Twitter. But when social medias, and discussion boards started to block spam links, virus links.They used shortened URLs to mask spam/virus links. Because of that these days social medias are facing many troubles. That's why they always tell the users to report the links if you find it as spam/harmful/unwanted links or affected with it.

Is there any way to check or verify the shortned URLs? Yes there are many ways. You can find them in a simple google search "Check Short URL". You will get relevant useful online tools to check those links.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

How to deactivate a computer virus without using an antivirus ?

Don't fully trust your antivirus programs always. They are not always helpful on removing the computer virus infection when your computer is infected with a strange, new computer virus. I will not say that antivirus programs are useless but they will not help you always to remove the infection from the computer. Most of the time they will help you on protecting your computer from virus infection. That means if the antivirus programs detects a file/program as virus, it will remove it automatically at the initial stage. But you can't expect the same scenario for this case. What if that virus is infected your computer. Will your antivirus program remove it from your computer? Yes but NOT ALWAYS. Most of the antivirus programs will face difficulties in removing a computer virus infection which is still running at the background without showing its interface to the user.

These days many virus programs come with different levels of self defence or protection techniques. So, it will perform some specific tasks to prevent itsself from become terminated by any antivirus programs. So we have to give a hand to the antivirus programs to remove it from our computer sytems.

If we can stop the virus program with the help of following trick. That virus program's selft protection or self defence layer will be deactivated automatically so our antivirus program can remove it without any problems. Do you think that i am going to talk about running your system on SAFE MODE? No, but safemode solution is also useful but not always. Here i am going to explain another method. many people knew this method but they don't know that they can use it to protect our computer.

I found this method useful when i was searching for a solution on online to remove "dmw.exe" virus. This virus comes with the name of a system file so when we see any error message from this kind of viruses, we will think something happened to the system that's why it is malfunctioning.  I thought the same. I initially thought that something happend to my VGA driver.  But later i discovered that there is a virus with "dmw.exe" name which runs from User\AppData\ folder. Normally system files mostly run from System32 folder, not from User\AppData\ or temp folder. So if you doubt any programs or services run at background (can check from Task Manager), select the service or program in the task manager under processes tab, then right click on it and then select "Open File Location". It will open the File location of that service. If it is not running from any system folders. Then it can be a virus. But you can't confirm that for 100%

So, what is that method to remove virus infections like "dmw.exe". Well it is not a big thing. it is called "System Restore" - What? Is it system restore? yes. If you regulary create a system restore point (like once a month) you can use it to restore your infected system files and also the changes happened in C: drive.  This will help us to terminate the virus program. Once you restored your system with a recent system restore point, do a full antivirus scan. Your antivirus program will delete it for sure. If you don't know anything about System Restore point. Click here to learn about system restore from

You can also search and find many videos,and articles from google, related to System Restore point.
This solution is tested by Please comment below, if you have any doubts.

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

How to handle 'Share videos on Facebook' to watch videos on some websites?

These days some video sharing websites come up with new way of marketing their website. Earlier we have to advertise our website to get new visitors. But now some video sharing website are uploading videos targeting peoples who have curiosity of watching violence videos or sensitive videos. They locked the viewers without play button. If they want to watch the video, they have to share that video first on their Facebook account, then only it allows them to watch the video after verifying the share.

Idea is, they are using us to reach many people by forcing us to share the videos to watch them. It is like 'Complete the survey or enter the mobile number' to access the website or its content. We can say this is a modified version of it.

Is it harmful to your Facebook account? No they don't harm your Facebook account but they use your Facebook account to reach your friends. It is like you are inviting your friends to lock themselves inside this trap willingly....

We can't do anything to stop you or your friend from watching those videos. Curiosity is curiosity. Nothing can stop it. But you can use the Privacy setting of Facebook post to limit it only to you. So, only you can see the share video post on your Facebook profile. Their requirement (Sharing the video) is fulfilled, so their system will allows you to watch the video, but at the same time no of you friend will see that video post, so they will not get trapped.

You can delete that shared video post after watching that video from you Facebook account.

Always keep this in mind. Check privacy setting when you are sharing the posts like this, or running apps similar to it. Always set it to only me.