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Sunday, February 22, 2015

How to handle 'Share videos on Facebook' to watch videos on some websites?

These days some video sharing websites come up with new way of marketing their website. Earlier we have to advertise our website to get new visitors. But now some video sharing website are uploading videos targeting peoples who have curiosity of watching violence videos or sensitive videos. They locked the viewers without play button. If they want to watch the video, they have to share that video first on their Facebook account, then only it allows them to watch the video after verifying the share.

Idea is, they are using us to reach many people by forcing us to share the videos to watch them. It is like 'Complete the survey or enter the mobile number' to access the website or its content. We can say this is a modified version of it.

Is it harmful to your Facebook account? No they don't harm your Facebook account but they use your Facebook account to reach your friends. It is like you are inviting your friends to lock themselves inside this trap willingly....

We can't do anything to stop you or your friend from watching those videos. Curiosity is curiosity. Nothing can stop it. But you can use the Privacy setting of Facebook post to limit it only to you. So, only you can see the share video post on your Facebook profile. Their requirement (Sharing the video) is fulfilled, so their system will allows you to watch the video, but at the same time no of you friend will see that video post, so they will not get trapped.

You can delete that shared video post after watching that video from you Facebook account.

Always keep this in mind. Check privacy setting when you are sharing the posts like this, or running apps similar to it. Always set it to only me.

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Pirate bay is back, are you sure?

Yes, it is back. You can find the new website address of it in Google search. Do you know one thing? When a pirated movies or software downloading website is taken down by government or police or what ever.... Its clones will be launched by co-admins of it with new website addresses from their countries. Because this kind of websites are managed by admins from many countries. So, one domain is down or control of it, is gone. They will bring the new one, because their market is very big, and they are earning a lot from it. There is no way to stop them. They will always find another way to come back.

But is it the original one? No, That we can't tell for sure. Do you know why?
There are some people who make clones of famous websites to earn a lot, when the original website is down. Some people put survey locks. When the user visits the clone fake website, They will be asked to fill a survey or give their mobile number to download or watch the movie or download the software. Will you download or watch the movie by giving your phone number or filling that survey? No. They will say something missing, after you have done what they asked, or their website will provide some other files's download link (can be virus, Malware, Adware programs or some old movies). Without a doubt, you will download it and your will face the problems. So be careful when you are using the clones of downed famous websites.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Social Networking Websites are spying us!

These days we are targeted by many social networking websites, to increase their profit by improving advertisement marketing department with the data collected from many users. Do you know how they are monitoring us? No. It is simple, they are spying us, by analyzing what are we doing on internet while using the Social Networks(Such as Facebook, Google+). Some says that they read the cookies,and browsing history of our computer. I don't know how far it is true.

But there is one thing which might help them to track us or spy us. Do you know what is it? very simple. It is "LIKE" (or +1) button of  websites. It is a plugin, given by the Social Networking websites to help the owners of the websites  to direct/enable the users to like their official website, to maintain good customer service/advertisement purpose/ avoid users to get in touch with FAKE pages of original pages.

Note: One big benefit of using Facebook page? It will become a big tool/media (free) to advertise/introduce your new products. Once a page reach more than 10 million likes...what else you need? you don't need a television channel to introduce a new product. It saves lot of your money.

You might ask, what is the problem with that? any how they have to earn something to run the service FREE.
Yeah, that is correct. But you also need to be aware that what are they tracking about you. If you are purchasing some goods while using Facebook. Then it is OK. but, if you purchase something else!!!!

After that purchasing, they will start to show advertisements relevant to it...PRIVACY!!!

How to protect yourself from Spies of Social Media/Networks?
Never use other services, browse other websites while you are using the social networks/media (Facebook, Google plus).  OR

There is something called "Private browsing Mode" it is available in almost all the browsers but with different names. you can use that to browse other websites while you are using the social network website on normal browser mode.

What else you can do?
You can ban advertisements, you can hide advertisements related to some thing. Options are there with the advertisements. If you think you don't like or want to show that advertisement on your account, then simply click the 'X' or any triangular mark close to it to find the necessary options. But the problem is, you can't find some thing like that on all most all the social medias.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Complete Working Solution for Shortcut Virus Problem - Tested by infortecpro

There are few viruses. They don't actually harm our computer. But, they irritate us by doing some stuffs like
creating short cuts of our personal/private folders/files, important files/folders, and binding the virus to those shortcuts. Some Anti Virus/Anti Malware software detect them(Most don't), but they don't remove them completely.

Example: wscript.exe, AutoIt3.exe

You may ask why antivirus programs don't detect them easily?
Because, they are shortcuts and basically they linked to CMD program, and represent as shortcut of CMD to antivirus programs, and users. But internally they are attached together. You can see that through properties of that shortcut files.

So, we have to learn how to remove the infection completely from our systems. We have found an effective solution from a particular website. It is PDF format. It is little difficult to download. We tried our best to get a copy of it to prevent lost of such great guidance. Please click the following link to download it. Please contact us, if the link is broken. We will send you a copy.

Click the following link to download the PDF book version of it (includes RED PAGE)
Download link

Download "Shortcut Problem Solution.pdf" Safely
How to remove the shortcut virus fully
Shortcut viruses
Clean removal of Shortcut virus
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