Thursday, April 3, 2014

Competitions in Social Networks are SCAM/SPAM/FAKE

You may have seen many advertisements on Facebook, as well as other social networking websites about competitions/games to win expensive products such as smartphones,laptops..etc. Do you think they are real?
Here after please don't think them as real. They are fake, and created to get new likes for their fan page..

I hope you know the price of the products they said to give to the winner. What will they get($$$) by letting you play the competitions/games other than new likes...It is actually marketing tricks. We are willing to win something from some competition. They have used that feeling of us to earn new likes for their Fan pages. At the same time they are also requesting us to fill some forms to enter the competition. That means they are stealing our valuable data in the name of fake game competitions.

They will post some fake names as winner in their fan page's wall when the competition ends. Some times they use their own staffs to let us know like he/she is the winner of that competition. Some times, they also use fake picture or pictures stolen from social networks to announce the fake winners.

Their main target is bringing new likes for their Facebook fan page. For that purpose they will lie a lot. You may ask me what i have to do?

Nothing big... Just report this kind of games, and competitions as SPAM/SCAM to Facebook administration by clicking the 'X' sign next to the posts.

Never Share the post to your wall.

Note: There are real games too, who will give the actual price to the winner. But they are few. It is hard to identify the real games or competitions because, all are come to us like real games or competitions. We have to check their page details for terms and conditions of the games. Mostly you will not find it, if it is not real game competition.

When more people are reporting this kind of fake games then the marketing team will decide to bring the real games. so number of fake competitions will be reduced..

Any how, there is no point of playing this kind of useless fake/real competitions.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

How to delete an online user account perfectly?

We have to do user registrations to use online services such as social networks, email service, video watching  services...etc. Like that we have to delete/deactivate/disable/permanently delete the user account, if we decided to not to use that service again. I don't need to teach you how to do that,because you most probably find an option in account setting to delete/deactivate/disable/permanently delete. I am here to ask one question "Is it enough?" No

Will they delete our details,if we delete our account? They don't,because their business is running with advertisements. They need more details about us to get more advertisers to advertise on their website.

You may ask me "What is the good solution then?" It is not a big thing. What you have to do is, at the time you feel to delete/deactivate/disable/permanently delete user account, go to profile/user details area of your account, and then change your details with wrong/false data. Then use that account for at least 3 days. Then delete/deactivate/disable/permanently delete it.

Always find an option to delete or permanently delete the user account,if you want to delete the user account. Because, some websites like Facebook, never show "permanently delete" option in account setting page. We can only find that option from Google search or Facebook help page. So, try to Google to find an option to delete or permanently delete the user account. But don't forget to change the details with false data before 3 days.

Most of the online services gives only disable option in their account setting page. The main thing you have to change is email address with temporary email address, if you want to delete that account.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

"Malaysian Airlines MH370 Finally Found! Watch the video"-Spam Post!!!

Malaysian Airlines MH370 missing issue is the hot talk these days, because of that hackers have decided to make a new spam post based on that topic. Because, they know that every one are willing to know end of Plane missing case. So, if they see a post like below in their friend wall they will definitely try to open that link to see what happened...i personally felt sad when i saw a spam post related to this issue...

"Malaysian Airlines MH370 Finally Found! Watch the video" is Spam Post!!! confirmed by

Have you seen a post like this on Facebook?

Did you noticed that they have used some kind of mask to show (marked with number 2) that this post is a yahoo news post?  But if you see the line i marked with number 1 line you will understand that it is the real link for this post. Because, when you post a link on Facebook wall, it shows the link under the title of that link/related website, and it shows the description under it. So they used this fake look to make us think like it is a yahoo news post.

Any how, Facebook and its Antivirus partners have found that post as spam, and started to warn the users by showing this message.

Thanks to Facebook and Norton Antivirus for warning the people. But the bad news is they have also given "Follow Link" option to open the spam link, if you are willing to see it...You should not click follow link button in any social networks with this kind of warning message. Because, it may bring harmful thing to your computer.

Do you want to know what will happen, if you click follow link button? Yes, you may want....

Action 1: It is redirected to Link 2 from Link 1 (Note: Don't click this links)

Some script didn't work well in that page (because my antivirus has blocked it)
Initially, it was tried to run some kind of script files. I think, it was tried to share that link on my Facebook wall to attack my friends' computer as well as their Facebook wall, and their friends..

Action 2:
You may ask me, what will happen if you try to close that pop-up window by pressing "X" and try to play the video....(i tried) it was shown the following object....

A pop-up window with Facebook share button with "To Start the video,please share it above" text.
Do you think that the video will play if i click the share button, and share the video on my Facebook wall? Please don't because it is also kind of trick...Please never do that...

It is also stated the following description under the Fake video:
"Malaysia Plane HM370 Has Been Spotted Somewhere Near Bermuda Triangle. Shocking Video Release Today.CNN News"

I don't know why these people are playing with the feeling of people....If you are Hacker, and reading this post...please don't play like this to earn more money from Traffic.

The Following YouTube video shows you more about this post.

Facebook has partially identified this post as Spam post. It is also shows warning when you open the link. But if hackers decided to change the link, and the look...will it do the same? takes some times to identify. We have to help them by reporting post like this to them as SPAM posts.