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Monday, November 17, 2014

Social Networking Websites are spying us!

These days we are targeted by many social networking websites, to increase their profit by improving advertisement marketing department with the data collected from many users. Do you know how they are monitoring us? No. It is simple, they are spying us, by analyzing what are we doing on internet while using the Social Networks(Such as Facebook, Google+). Some says that they read the cookies,and browsing history of our computer. I don't know how far it is true.

But there is one thing which might help them to track us or spy us. Do you know what is it? very simple. It is "LIKE" (or +1) button of  websites. It is a plugin, given by the Social Networking websites to help the owners of the websites  to direct/enable the users to like their official website, to maintain good customer service/advertisement purpose/ avoid users to get in touch with FAKE pages of original pages.

Note: One big benefit of using Facebook page? It will become a big tool/media (free) to advertise/introduce your new products. Once a page reach more than 10 million likes...what else you need? you don't need a television channel to introduce a new product. It saves lot of your money.

You might ask, what is the problem with that? any how they have to earn something to run the service FREE.
Yeah, that is correct. But you also need to be aware that what are they tracking about you. If you are purchasing some goods while using Facebook. Then it is OK. but, if you purchase something else!!!!

After that purchasing, they will start to show advertisements relevant to it...PRIVACY!!!

How to protect yourself from Spies of Social Media/Networks?
Never use other services, browse other websites while you are using the social networks/media (Facebook, Google plus).  OR

There is something called "Private browsing Mode" it is available in almost all the browsers but with different names. you can use that to browse other websites while you are using the social network website on normal browser mode.

What else you can do?
You can ban advertisements, you can hide advertisements related to some thing. Options are there with the advertisements. If you think you don't like or want to show that advertisement on your account, then simply click the 'X' or any triangular mark close to it to find the necessary options. But the problem is, you can't find some thing like that on all most all the social medias.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Complete Working Solution for Shortcut Virus Problem - Tested by infortecpro

There are few viruses. They don't actually harm our computer. But, they irritate us by doing some stuffs like
creating short cuts of our personal/private folders/files, important files/folders, and binding the virus to those shortcuts. Some Anti Virus/Anti Malware software detect them(Most don't), but they don't remove them completely.

Example: wscript.exe, AutoIt3.exe

You may ask why antivirus programs don't detect them easily?
Because, they are shortcuts and basically they linked to CMD program, and represent as shortcut of CMD to antivirus programs, and users. But internally they are attached together. You can see that through properties of that shortcut files.

So, we have to learn how to remove the infection completely from our systems. We have found an effective solution from a particular website. It is PDF format. It is little difficult to download. We tried our best to get a copy of it to prevent lost of such great guidance. Please click the following link to download it. Please contact us, if the link is broken. We will send you a copy.

Click the following link to download the PDF book version of it (includes RED PAGE)
Download link

Download "Shortcut Problem Solution.pdf" Safely
How to remove the shortcut virus fully
Shortcut viruses
Clean removal of Shortcut virus
how to remove

Thursday, October 2, 2014

How to Log out of new Facebook Messenger App?

Day by day social medias are forcing us to move to use new technologies. Some are strange. Some comes with good services but with many problems. Everyone talks about Facebook messenger app, and its difficulties and its hidden usages(stealing data from users) these days. One of its difficulty is "There is no option to Log out Facebook messenger app". You might have gone through manyy articles to find a solution to it. But you might have ended up by putting security code for your smartphone. They have given one option to switch account, but it will not help you to log out from your Facebook account or Facebook messenger app.
Do you know what will happen, if we don't log out from Facebook messenger app?
It will be always online. It also gives option to access your Facebook account with the help of Official Facebook app. So, if  stranger/3rd party person or your friends try to use your smartphone, they will get access to your personal Facebook account, and personal data/conversations/chats/photos..etc. It is very bad. So, don't forget to log out after using the Facebook messenger app and Official Facebook app.

Most of the times, you might have got 3 solutions to this problem. But there is another one solution that we have found. So, currently there are four solutions available for this problem.

Solution 4 ( the Latest & best)

When we were going through some articles ,and some YouTube videos, we ended up with one great solution. you may ask what is it? will it really works? can you give me the video link to watch how to log out from Facebook messenger....That is what we decided to discuss next in this post.

What you have to do is:
1.Open your Facebook Messenger App

2.Go to Settings (can find the option at the bottom)

3.Select "Facebook Terms & Policies"
You will see the Terms and Policies details of Facebook inside the app
But you will see something like we normally see on Facebook Website...
Yes, That's it(Check this Picture)

4.Click that Menu
It is will drop down all the options, like normal Facebook App or Website
Their you can find the Log out option

5.Click the log out option

6.Close the Facebook Messenger App (Note: Close it. Don't keep it under other apps)

7. Re-open the app, you will definitely see a message like "Session Expired", and it requests you
to re-enter the username and password.

This is the best way that we have found to log out the Facebook Messenger app without going to the settings of your smartphones to clean the App data always after using the messenger,so far.

[100% Working] - Tested by TEAM.(Date of Test: 02/10/2014)

This is the video we found in But it is not clear enough

Do you want to know what are those old 3 solutions? yes, you need to know because, we can't expect this method to work always(in future). Some time Facebook may remove the gateway of solution 4 in future. so you need to know the old 3 methods to solve the problem temporarily, if the solution 4 is not working...

Solution 1: In this post we have 3 methods to get this job done, here comes the first method. In order to sign out from Facebook messenger, follow the below given steps.

    Go to Menu > Settings in your android device
    Go to App Manager
    Now search for Facebook app and tap on it
    There you have to select Clear Data, Clear Cache options.
    After clearing cache, data you will be logged out of your Facebook application.

Solution 2: In this second way, you need to go to and go to General Settings, and search for account settings to change your password. While changing password, you need to enter old password 1 time, and new password 2 times in order to get it done. Once your password is changed, Facebook shows you a message like this “Log me out of all other devices”, you just check on that option and click on SAVE. That’s it, you will be logged out from all Facebook apps, messengers and etc.

Solution 3: This is the worst way available, in case if you have any problems with above 2 methods than you can use this way. Go to Menu> Settings> App Manager > Facebook app > tap on Uninstall. Facebook messenger will be uninstalled, and now you have to download and install it again. You will see fresh messenger without any logged in accounts. This is re-installing the app to log out from facebook. For this purpose, I prefer you to download APK file of Facebook app so you are not required to download fb messenger every time from play store.

Soltuions 1,2,3 are taken from the following website.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Are you scared to connect your laptops with public network/WiFi connections?

You might be scared to connect your laptops with public networks/WiFi connections because, other people can access or misuse your personal data, if you don't do necessary settings to block the network access to your documents, personal data through the unknown networks.

IT experts know how to do those settings so no need to worry but, non IT expert like beginner level people, need to worry because, they need to learn to do those settings.

Are you really need to learn and do those settings?
Not really, because there is a trick to do the same level settings without even doing those settings. But, it is better if you learn those settings. It may help you in future.

following trick helps you to protect your personal data/documents when you are connected to a public networks/WiFi connection.

What you have to do is, you need to create a user account with limited permission or you just need to turn on the "Guest" account. At the same time you have to give a strong password for your Administration privileges having accounts and make them private from other accounts(automatically,it become private accounts when you give the password. Sometime it asks you to do). That's it. you are done.

Whenever you go to a public place and willing to use the public network connection/WiFi connection, you simply log in to the guest or created limited user accounts. So they will not get access to your personal data through network. If you are using the latest version of windows operating system, then you need to select "public" network, when it ask you to select the network when it is connected to a new network for fist time.
so, it will enable some basic level securities too.

That's it, you know now, how to connect your laptop to a public network or WiFi connections without doing any security settings.  Please share this trick with your friends and let them know.