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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Are you scared to connect your laptops with public network/WiFi connections?

You might be scared to connect your laptops with public networks/WiFi connections because, other people can access or misuse your personal data, if you don't do necessary settings to block the network access to your documents, personal data through the unknown networks.

IT experts know how to do those settings so no need to worry but, non IT expert like beginner level people, need to worry because, they need to learn to do those settings.

Are you really need to learn and do those settings?
Not really, because there is a trick to do the same level settings without even doing those settings. But, it is better if you learn those settings. It may help you in future.

following trick helps you to protect your personal data/documents when you are connected to a public networks/WiFi connection.

What you have to do is, you need to create a user account with limited permission or you just need to turn on the "Guest" account. At the same time you have to give a strong password for your Administration privileges having accounts and make them private from other accounts(automatically,it become private accounts when you give the password. Sometime it asks you to do). That's it. you are done.

Whenever you go to a public place and willing to use the public network connection/WiFi connection, you simply log in to the guest or created limited user accounts. So they will not get access to your personal data through network. If you are using the latest version of windows operating system, then you need to select "public" network, when it ask you to select the network when it is connected to a new network for fist time.
so, it will enable some basic level securities too.

That's it, you know now, how to connect your laptop to a public network or WiFi connections without doing any security settings.  Please share this trick with your friends and let them know.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Would you like to have many Premium file hosting accounts for FREE?

You might think, from which file hosting service, i need to buy a premium account. Because, without premium accounts you are unable to download the files from the server with high speed, and all the files are not uploaded to a particular file hosting website/server. There are many file hosting services. Even if you buy one premium account in one file hosting website. You can't use that to download a file from another file hosting web sites with high download speed.

you can't even have accounts in all the file hosting websites. Because money is a big concern for everyone. That's why we have decided to give free premium accounts for all of you. you can find almost all the file hosting websites' premium account's usernames and passwords in

Do you think it is not possible? are quite right...we are not rich to provide such service. But we can show you a good, legal way to get access for premium download in almost all the file hosting websites. So, you will get full speed to download the required file from file server.

Do you want to know how to get premium links from file hosting websites for FREE?
it is not that simple. but with the help of some websites call "premium link" generators, we can get premium link for the file, that we are going to download it from a particular file hosting server.

You may ask "How to find a premium link generator for a particular file hosting website?"
it is not that simple for all the file hosting websites. But some how, it is possible with the help of GOOGLE.

What you have to do is; in like "premium link generator for <file hosting name>" will find enough generators in the search result.(some will work,some won't; some will ask you to register, some will not;some will limit the file size, some will not...etc) have to go one by one to find the best premium link generator
4.then you have to copy and paste the URL of your file from that file hosting website
5.then verify you as a human in premium link generator website
6.wait for some minutes
7. then the download will start with high speed

Do you know how it is working?
What is happening here is "Those premium link generating web services have premium accounts in some of the file hosting websites. You can't generate premium link for all the file hosting servers in one generator. There are many generators. They will download the file to their server first, then send that file to us from their server. They act like mediators. They pay the money for the premium accounts from advertisements. If you are using a premium link generator then please don't forget to click some of their ads to support and encourage them"

Note: you can't do more than one download at the same time. If it is big file, try to search in torrent before searching it in file hosting websites.

This service is legal, but the file you download from the server might not be a legal one, if it is copyright protected.

Note: You also need to find and install a download accelerator to get the full speed from premium link generators.

some premium link generators:

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Are you really going to make money by clicking ads?

There are enough PPC (cost per click or pay per click) websites which always promise you that you will earn more money while you are sitting in your home. Do you think it is possible?

Yes, it is possible. But all are not real websites. It is little difficult to find which is a good one, and which is a bad one. You can get help from Google. Most of the time they show you some ads. you have to click them one by one, and have to wait for 15 secs in each site. But they will limit the amount of ads like 20 or 30 ads per day. They also trick you like you will get 20% of your friend's earning if you refer him/her to us.

So, what you will do? you will instantly send invitations, messages to your friends to join this site. This process goes like a circle...but finally no one is going to make real money!!!

One day (after you have got more money in your account) they will show a message like.
"We found some fraud activities in your account" or "You didn't work according to our policy or agreement" and they will close your account.

That's it. You will get nothing...and your friends too.... But those websites earn a lot from you. is good? is good? is good? is good? is good? is good?

We have no have to analyze them with the help of google.