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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Don't download unknown plugins!!! :Face the New Threat

Please download a free, or buy and download the paid Antivirus program to avoid these kind of threats.

Codec C ad-ware virus program which comes to you as a new plug-in to download to watch online streaming videos, now changed its name and comes with different names. This time, it has changed its name as "Vaudix" plug-in and when you click on the download now button,  it will let you to browse its official (fake) site, which is very similar to Codec C website, to download it to infect your computer. This kind of ad ware/virus programs are using the famous video/audio file converting software creating companies' names because of that they also getting bad name. Because of that, they are losing the trust of their customers in their products.

Note: High level problems will start when you have tried to uninstall it . Go to the bottom side of this post to find the solutions of infortecpro.blogspot.com to remove this virus infection.

Vaudix is a Virus/Ad ware program. It is Certified by Infortecpro.blogspot.com. Please Don't download it.

Antivirus Scan Report:

Sample Download Link:
Please don't click here

Please protect your computer by installing an antivirus program, and creating a system restore point before installing new software, games, plug-in, and extension.

Why we have to create system restore point?

Are you searching for a solution to remove the Vaudix/Codec-c infection?
Learn more details about this virus <= This link will help you to navigate to the previous post related to this threat. There you can get to know about it more, and you can find the available solutions for it, if you computer has infected with it. you can remove it with our solution. Because, i have personally removed this virus infection from my computer.


  1. Just dodged a bullet... thanks so much for that.

    1. You are welcome.
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      "Search: 'infortecpro.blogspot.com' on Facebook.com or go to the top side of this blog to find the link"

  2. how do i remove it i just downloaded it for Firefox

    1. I spent two hours uninstalling Vaudix. The most difficult file to remove is Vaudix.exe. First, the file is difficult to find. Second, the permissions on it do not allow access. You can either change the permissions or have it removed on restart.

  3. I am using Kaspersky security for a few years now, I would recommend this solution to everyone.